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Airhead Academy community

(18+) Dating sim where you can romance your classmates, or transform them and just let them follow their newfound lust.

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Recent updates

The Quality of Life Update
Lots of small, but sore needed things here. As well as some CALLS FOR HELP IMPORTANT STUFF FIRST: Fix UI bugs in Full-screen mode: As many of you have noticed...
2 files
The GMS2 Update
Add Cheerilee to your phone Fix bug where Twilight jumps from bimbo level 3 to 5 Port project to GMS2, allowing Mac export if anyone has a mac machine and GMS...
4 files
Twilight Bimbofication 4-5 Art Update
A few little things in this one and one kind of big thing: Big thing! Twilight's 4-5 Bimbofication scene now has art, thanks Annon! Fixed some bugs relating to...
2 files
The Community Board is Dead Non-Update
SOMEHOW I nuked the Discussion page. I have opened a support ticket with Itch to try and fix it. In the meanwhile, (especially if you're the writer for Twilight...
The Mostly Bugfixes Update
It's a whole lot of nothing this week! In today's update: Fix bug where studying on weekends doesn't advance time Fix bug where studying on weekends makes you g...
2 files
Finally Playable Twilight Update
For fuck's sake. FINALLY ran through Twilight's 8-9-10 non-bimbo route and got it fixed. I really thought this was fixed a long time ago, glad to finally have i...
2 files
The Actual Bimbo 3 Update
Realized I still haven't added art for Twilight's third bimbofication scene. WHOOPS. So in today's update: Added art for Twilight's third bimbofication scene Fi...
2 files
The Discord Update
Sorry for the delay again, my SSD arrived and it took me a good minute to install it. Sorrier still that this still isn't an actual update update, but at least...