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Cheerilee Update
Sorry for being a day late on this one. Cheerilee's story has some interesting differences from Twilight that were quite interesting to work in. Her options are less about developing the relationship, and more about increasing different sta...
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Behind the Scenes Non-Update
So this one's going to take me a little longer than usual, because I'm now working on a new NPC. I'll be adding the first non-bimbo dialogue with Cheerilee in the next build, but this means giving her a spawn location, adding her to your co...
The Second Bimbo Twi Update
I FORGOT WE HAVE ART AND WRITING FOR THE SECOND BIMBOFICATION SEQUENCE Twilight Bimbofication Stage 2 Added Big thanks to Annon for the art, and to FrostyCoffee for the writing.
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The Not Worth It Update
This one's a small one. Mostly to let you know my PC survived the upgrade, and we'll be back to regular updates. So why so little after a two week break? Part of it is I just don't have much material I think everyone wants. We've got S-Link...
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ANOTHER NO UPDATE WEEK (Sorry! Tech issues...)
THIS ONE ISN'T MY FAULT THOUGH Two weeks ago I took a break to work on a gamejam, that was completely self-indulgent and I apologize for my hedonism. THIS TIME THOUGH, my PC has been restarting itself for no reason. I'm not completely sure...
Finally, Bimbofication Update!
Sorry for missing last week, if it makes y'all feel any better nobody seems to like the game I made for the jam so hey, I wasted my time and your time on that one. THIS WEEK HOWEVER, you may notice that the filesize of the usual download ha...
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I swear this isn't the game slowly dying. While content to adapt has dried up, there's still stuff I haven't gotten to yet, and will eventually. USUALLY I spend some time on Thursday/Friday coding an hour or two of new content every week. T...
Visible Pinkie Update [Sorry for the small update this week]
SO in the process of adding the new backgrounds (Thanks Annon!) I found a lot of other bugs related to how messages are handled. Got them sorted out hopefully before anyone else came across them. Twilight's house now has an outside! Looks n...
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