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Airhead Academy community

(18+) Dating sim where you can romance your classmates, or transform them and just let them follow their newfound lust.

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The Late Fake Trivial Update
Not much to this one, sorry about being almost 2 weeks late on it but between the seasonal depression and me finally catching up to the writers, I didn't put mu...
2 files
The Sound of More Bimbo Update
One small thing, one half-finished big thing, Small thing: Music functionality has been improved. The game now has a title theme, which will currently play cons...
2 files
The Freaky Cheeri Update
Sorry for the small, late, inconvenient, update. Holidays are crazy, More revisions to the save system, sorry to everyone who has to rebuild their saves, but th...
2 files
The More Bimbo Hotfix
In the process of fixing that save bug, I also fixed a bug where Twilight's story progress wasn't happening. Isn't technology amazing?
1 file
The More Bimbo Update
NOTE: I AM AWARE OF SAVE BUG, CURRENTLY WORKING ON FIXING Character art now slides in from the right side when you start a conversation. This was actually undoc...
2 files
The Selfish Update
Not a lot to report in this one, just a few days late. I wanted to get something more substantial in, but well i'm a total slut for monster hunter ANYWAY, here'...
2 files
Bugfixes and Debug Update
Still don't have a functional in-game Load function. Instead, pressing Escape at any point restarts the game, taking you back to the Load menu on the Title Scre...
2 files
The Actual Functional Bimbo Twi Update
Art and writing in today's update come courtesy of Annon and C-Snacks LOTS OF UPDATING AND MAINTENANCE IN THIS ONE: I've run through Twilight's entire route a...
2 files