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Airhead Academy

(18+) Dating sim where you can romance your classmates, or transform them and just let them follow their newfound lust. · By BimbosonaDev


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Bimbo S-Link Overhaul Update
The wonderful C. Snacks wrote some new bimbo S-Link content that I started work on implementing! However, in the process of looking at the old bimbo S-Link code...
2 files
Not Dead Yet! But certainly not alive [Current Status]
SO the writing's certainly on the wall isn't it? Slowing updates, followed by no updates... and the LAST thing I want to do is be yet another 'hey guys, I promi...
1 file
The So Damn Tired Update
Sorry for the late update, sorry it's so small. The winter depression going hard as a motherfucker 'round here. This update fixes a bug I put in last update, th...
2 files
The Rust-Shaking Update
Sorry for the hiatus! Things have been busy. Some small quality of life changes in this build to shake the rust off: Fixed bug where having the Cell Phone menu...
2 files
The Memory Update
A few small changes that will have big implications on future builds. The game now keeps track of what conversations you've had already, and how many times you'...
2 files
The Sex Update!
Sorry it's been a month, but I've been waiting for our volunteer writers and artists to give me more to add to the game, but as they're volunteers, I can't blam...
2 files
The Sorry It's Been Almost a Month Update
RECOVERING FROM SURGERY, was hoping this would give me more time to implement changes... but then I fixed things too quick and noticed I was missing other resou...
2 files
The Quality of Life Update
Lots of small, but sore needed things here. As well as some CALLS FOR HELP IMPORTANT STUFF FIRST: Fix UI bugs in Full-screen mode: As many of you have noticed...
2 files