Bimbo Backend Bugfix Update

SO apparently the last update caused a softlock in Twilight's conversations. WHOOPSIES. I think it's fixed now, along with some other stuff along with actually putting Twilight's first full bimbo conversation in-game!


  • Art assets in Twilight's Vanilla good ending now update properly
  • Bimbo Twilight conversation 1 now exists! Art doesn't update yet because of an adjustment to the backend, will update once I'm sure the dialogue system changes are stable.


  • Fixed bug where going to the library auto-initiated a conversation with Twilight
  • Twilight's ending now actually works! Somewhere along the way of adding the bimbo branch to her old dialogue I put an else branch in the wrong spot, and agh, don't worry about it. Got it fixed. Thanks Holk! IMPORTANT: Some extra variables were added to the game after the endings were added, so you may have to load your game, save your game, and then reload it in order to reinitialize those variables and manually edit them with notepad.
  • Fixed bad ending having unedited dialogue. WHOOPS


  • Twilight's house, living room and/or outside
  • SCC, outside, nighttime
  • Pinkie Pie
    • Smiling sweetly
    • Smiling excitedly (I normally wouldn't be so specific, but it seems kind of important for this character to differentiate)


  • Holk, you reported a bug about the game locking up after Twi gives you her number. I was unable to reproduce it, but it's possible I fixed it while working out the other bugs. Please let me know if this persists.
  • Got a report from anon that the game often freezes up now, especially when using the PC to look at porn. I was unable to replicate this either, please let me know any details if this still happens.
  • Slight overhaul to the way dialogue is stored in game. This should have no effect on the user side, but will make it easier to update on my end. PLEASE let me know if I ruined everything though, the only conversation this exists in for now is Bimbo Twi 1. IN THE INTEREST OF INSURING MINIMAL CONFLICT the art does not update here properly yet. Not only does this save me time, it also ensures that if something does go wrong I don't have to fight with the art updating system to find where the issue is.


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Sep 14, 2017

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Pinkie Pie smiling excitedly and sweetly.

Outside of Twilight's house

SCC/Diner BG

Presuming the new requred assets are for the 10th  S- Link with twilight?

Yes, for now the background doesn't change and Velvet is used a placeholder for Pinkie

Understood, gonna look into it.