Twilight is completely written, update!

So this has been a long time coming, huh? Still don't have the art updating 100% and you don't actually get rewards that do anything, but Twilight now has complete S-Links!

In order to get her Good Ending her Int and Charm must have a grand total of 16 or higher, so you must study together and spend time at SCC to achieve this.

So it's not fair to say she's completely written, as her entire Bimbo path still needs to be explored, as well as:

  • Study date
  • SCC date
  • Sex scene
  • Art updating in final conversation (this one's 100% me, sorry)

BUT OTHER THAN THAT, this build is non-bimbo Twilight's complete story! It has spent zero time in debugging, so please, feel free to tell me I fucked it all up.


  • Bugfix, apparently it was impossible to actually trigger the 10th conversation in game. Y'all were just save editing huh? Me too, but this has now been fixed.


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Sep 01, 2017

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