Date Update (UpDate?)

Another week, another build. In this one:

  • Twilight conversation 9 is now available
  • Minor tweak to text in the Cell Phone menu to make the new expanded bios readable
  • Cell Phone functionality has been expanded! You can now ask to hang out. Right now it only works in the Library and SCC. Doing so will use one unit of time, but will raise your S-Link with Twilight, as well as increase a relevant stat (Int if in Library, Charm if in SCC). Dialogue should be written for these dates, if the writers would like to provide it. Right now it's just a placeholder, but it still works as intended


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Aug 15, 2017

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Seem to not be able to proceed the story after the first few conversations if you choose to bimbofy her early on. It keeps saying ''You don't think your relatioship will improve quite yet''. 

That's because once the bimbo level hits 6, her bimbo route would start. Because the bimbo route has not been implemented yet, it puts you in a loop of no new s-links being available. Once the non-bimbo route is finished (at least one ending will be added next week) I'll add the bimbo content this entire game has been revolving around and that should finally actually do something.