Twilight 6 & 7 Update

Not a lot to this one, putting a pause on system crunch (such as adding Trivia, dates, NPCs) until I get caught up and add all the story I can to the game.

This build is just S-Link 6 & 7, as well as a new icon and title screen. Goodbye Bimbo Horse Academy, hello Airhead Academy! ...even though it's a public school, rather than a private one. Well whatever, if any of our artists want to knock out a title screen, I'd be happy to implement it in the next build, but since this is just a demo I understand if you want to wait.

Requirements for Title Screen:


-If you make the background, title text, and characters seperate art assets, I can have them load onto the screen one at a time and look real pretty.


Airhead Academy 0.14(Old) 21 MB
Jul 18, 2017

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One placeholder title screen coming up

Decided on this for the Twilight Demo for now. Title and (new game, load game, quit game are in this PSD)