Twilight 4 & 5 Update

IMPORTANT: Since there's no major system changes to this update I have spent very little time debugging it. That means everything could totally fine with no problems, or it could be completely bugfuck broken. Please let me know if it's the latter.

In this build:
-You now have time to study in the early morning. Because of this, you can use the computer in the evening if you like, or go to bed early.
-Cheeri's sprite has been updated in a few minor ways, with an angry sprite added.
-Twilight now smiles at the proper cues during her third conversation
-Twilight's overworld art now updates properly
-Twilight's S-link now goes up to five conversations

Future plans:

-Maybe let you get better S-Link options based on your own stats? Will have to talk to C. Snacks about this...
-Allow keyboard controls for location changing
-Allow you to receive text messages, more locations and things to do in them
-NPCs. We desperately neat seat fillers to make the world seem a little more alive


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Jul 10, 2017

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UPDATE: The new Twilight conversations are buggy as hell. Will fix this soon and roll out a new version