Everything I should have done a long time ago Update

Finally getting somewhere close to actual bimbo content.

In this build:
-Twilight's art now updates according to conversation progress. I haven't gone through and tested all the convos yet so I'm sure I fucked it up all over the place. Please report where it goes wrong... Her art also updates according to her bimbo level! Have fun with that, as this is the first bit of TF that is actually working in engine!
-You can now go to Sugarcube Corner and the Violet Room from the Location menu. 
-You can now go to bed by clicking the heart on your bed. In a future update this will be replaced with an actual bed object. 
-You can now raise your own stats! I've reset everyone's saves to encourage you to reroll, since the intro dialogue didn't actually change anything. Alternatively, edit the save yourself. I don't care. It's in appdata/CHS in some ini files.
-Computer has been added but it just causes problems right now... do not use it unless you want to risk putting your game in a no-progress state.
-There is now a Contact Image for Twilight. It starts out black, but shows her pic once you have her number. This image will be updated as she changes, or can be ultimately replaced by any pics she sends you.
-You can call Twilight! Talk, study, whatever. Dialogue needs to be written for this, and I must emphasize, do NOT call in the Evenings. Early Morning code needs to be reworked, so fucking with your night schedule can put your game in a no progress state.

Future plans:

-Maybe let you get better S-Link options based on your own stats? Will have to talk to C. Snacks about this...
-Allow keyboard controls for location changing
-Allow you to receive text messages, more locations and things to do in them
-NPCs. We desperately neat seat fillers to make the world seem a little more alive. We've got art, just need writing


CHSr012-Default- 15 MB
Jun 29, 2017

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