Cell Phone Update

Cell phone! Look at that! You can now call up your fly honeys.

In this build:

  • Lots of new HUD art assets and a background for the bedroom. Thanks Annon + Kyuunspiracy!
  • Saves are a little easier to read, and now also show the location you saved from.
  • Multiple characters on screen is now a thing that can happen, and does happen during part 3 of Twilight's story. Still don't have the character art changing during the conversation yet, which would be an easy way to illustrate who's talking. Alternatively, put a white outline around them? Gray out the one who's not talking? Not sure...
  • Fixed layering bug when the location changing menu is open
  • The Cell Phone update! In the top left is a cell button, poorly drawn by me. Clicking it opens, right click closes, like everything else. While it's open you can see all your contacts, and their stats. If you have their number, you will also be able click it to call them! Eventually. Right now it doesn't do anything, but you'll probably end up having the option to go on a date somewhere even if you can't find them on the map. I will definitely let you spend time just talking to them on the phone, which can also help raise your s-link.
  • The conversation branching has already gotten a little complicated, what with you being able to contact Twi with or without story progress depending on time of day. So I've started a bug report thread on the itch.io for people to tell me what goes horribly wrong, as it's bound to happen.

Future plans:

  • Allow keyboard controls for location changing and save access
  • Add player stats to cell phone menu
  • Tweak the game so Twilight's expression actually changes appropriately. It's not a lot of work, but everything else has been more important right now.


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Jun 28, 2017

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