Violet Room Update

Another day, another new build. Sure hope my dumb joke doesn't kill anyone's boner, but there isn't really anything sexy in there yet anyway.

In this build:

  • -The Violet Room! There's no intro text or tutorial for it yet, but it's in there. Along with access to the Bimbofy spell... which then cuts to a scene of the person you're casting the spell on. This should give the writer and artist a little more room to have fun in. Sorry for keeping it so boring for so long... but how do you think I feel just programming menus this whole time?
  • -Also, the Violet Host's dialogue is generated based on your actual stats! No visible effect yet, but it will be fun as the game progresses...
  • -Curfew is now enforced. The game KNOWS to send you to your room in the Evenings. 


CHSr010-Default- 7 MB
Jun 16, 2017

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