Location update

So this one took slightly longer than other builds, because instead of just tweaking a railroady intro cutscene, I had to write dialogue for if you DON'T trigger the new conversation and I cleaned up some other behind the scenes stuff. It's still 'hey here's a new build in like a day' so it isn't like progress is going TOO slowly.

In this build:

  • -The game now runs in true 1440x900. I can't believe I've had it running in 4:3 this whole time and never noticed.
  • -Fixed a bug related to trying to load an empty save. Also fixed bug where your name wasn't loaded.
  • -Dialogue options now look WAY better. Also fixed the bug where all the HUD elements would flicker in whenever you advanced text.
  • -Put a black outline around narration dialogue, blue outline around character dialogue. It helps differentiate them, without me having to go back and add quotation marks to every conversation.
  • -Put a lazy effect behind the name entry while you're typing. That way you know when you accidentally put spaces in there.
  • -The opening cutscene has been revised to be almost a tutorial, and more lines will be changed to tell you exactly how to play the game without having to look at the itch.io page.
  • -Also fixed some bugs in the opener. Cheerilee's lines now read properly, and you can press 4 to select option 4.
  • -I made location changing usable for human beings. It used to be a map, which I liked, but since the game world isn't pre-planned, it's easier to keep it abstract. So now, when you click the little person in the corner of the screen a list of locations appears. Left click one to go there, right click to exit.

Promises fulfilled from last time:

  • -A clickable thing that does nothing but advance time by 1. Useful for debugging, and will likely be removed in the final build.
    • Still have to do this, but may not need to if enough NPCs and options populate the map.
  • -Make location changing usable by humans. Right now only I can figure out how to navigate that map, it's absurd (click map > press 1 for principal's office, 2 for library, ugh) and only works for debugging. A list of locations will be added, with a text list of locations you can visit. Map would be nice if the entire game world was pre-planned, but since it's not, let's keep it abstract. DONE
  • -The Violet Room. I gotta knock out the most important part of the game somewhere along the way, right?
    • Will probably come in the next update or the one after that.
  • -Pause menu that has all characters, s-links, and stat progress.
    • WIll probably come next update.

Future plans:

  • -Tweak the game so Twilight's expression actually changes appropriately. It's not a lot of work, but everything else has been more important right now.
  • -Allow you to receive text messages. This could serve as an easy to access reminder of which s-links can be progressed right away. Sorry for saying it might cause a problem, I was just thinking of like, 'what if you get 6 at once', but then I realized I could put them in a little pause screen for the player to read or just ignore, like in real life.
  • -Enforce curfew. Right now when the last Twilight conversation ends you're standing there in the school library in the evening. I would have it warp you to your bedroom, but if you meet her during Lunch that could create ISSUES. So I'll look into fixing that next build.


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Jun 15, 2017

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