Save/Load Update

In this build:

  • -Title Screen! In order to save/load, you need a continue button, so this is the foundation of that. It's extremely placeholder, no art assets at all and very ugly to jump into game instead of a gentle fadeout. Will fix in the future, but it's not a priority.
  • -Dialogue option hotkeys! Dialogue option text has also been updated to bimbo_jve, and given a green outline. The art for the buttons themselves is not permanent, but I do like the white text + green outline + light green buttons. I think it's good colors to use for this.
  • -Little hearts appear letting you know if you picked the 'good' dialogue option or not.
  • -You can now resize the screen. You've always been able to switch to fullscreen with alt+enter, sorry for not documenting it. There are some font issues since the HUD is drawn into the GUI, but I don't think anyone will ever care so I'll probably honestly never fix this.
  • -Saving and Loading works! Controls are a notch unintuitive for now, but they read/write to .ini files like they should. Left click saves/loads, right click exits the load screen. If you want to delete or hack your saves for whatever reason, the Inis are stored in C:\Users\[YourName]\AppData\Local\CHSr05.
  • -Character art loading is now handled in a much more efficient manner. I know you can't really see that, but it's in there. It will make adding/changing character art much easier as we progress.
  • -Part of that is that zooming in and out now works! Was very sad to see the art I got for Twilight is 800 pixels tall, since the zoom in kind of pixels it up a bit. Cheerliee works fine though! So if you have an original Twi .psd that twice the size I'll go ahead and update it.
  • -OH YEAH SPEAKING OF: Annon's updated art for Cheerliee and Twilight have been added to the game.
  • -SPEAKING OF ANNON: The transparency thing on the background has been added. It's not so much transparent background as it is I put a white screen at 40% opacity over the background, but it has the same effect. Also it fades in and out really nice.

Future plans:

  • -A clickable thing that does nothing but advance time by 1. Useful for debugging, and will likely be removed in the final build.
  • -Make location changing usable by humans. Right now only I can figure out how to navigate that map, it's absurd (click map > press 1 for principal's office, 2 for library, ugh) and only works for debugging. A list of locations will be added, with a text list of locations you can visit. Map would be nice if the entire game world was pre-planned, but since it's not, let's keep it abstract.
  • -The Violet Room. I gotta knock out the most important part of the game somewhere along the way, right?
  • -Pause menu that has all characters, s-links, and stat progress.


CHSr007-Default- 6 MB
Jun 13, 2017
CHSr01-v002.exe (Old) 6 MB
Jun 10, 2017
CHSr01-Default- 6 MB
Jun 08, 2017

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