The Date and Time Update

Sorry for the wait, and real sorry the wait isn't worth it. In this update:

  • Slight revamp to the 'dating' system. You can now call Twilight and ask her out even from your bedroom. This dialogue should probably be fleshed out more for this by the writing staff. You may also be able to call her from her own home in future updates, and I'm toying with calling her from the Violet Room as a way to access her 'memories' and replay scenes you like.
  • The in-game timer now tracks seconds as well as minutes and hours. I noticed in debugging that it always just said 0:00, mostly because I never spent enough time in the game to cause it to roll over. Adding seconds should give this feature some actual functionality.


AA 0.39 Source Code 72 MB
Feb 09, 2018
Airhead Academy 0.39 68 MB
Feb 09, 2018

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