The Freaky Cheeri Update

Sorry for the small, late, inconvenient, update. Holidays are crazy,

More revisions to the save system, sorry to everyone who has to rebuild their saves, but this stuff needs to be done for the game to continue being worked on. I'd say more, but I honestly kind of want to keep this one a surprise. Of course you can always crack open your save for editing funsies, and get a sneak peek of what that future update might be, I personally wouldn't ruin the fun for yourself if you can help it.

Volume button added, volume goes from 0 - 3 with 0 being muted. Music will be added to an upcoming update, probably from Incompetech.

Art added for Cheerilee stress/surprised (Thanks Annon!)


AA 0.36 Source Code 55 MB
Dec 27, 2017
Airhead Academy 0.36 63 MB
Dec 27, 2017

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