The Selfish Update

Not a lot to report in this one, just a few days late. I wanted to get something more substantial in, but well

i'm a total slut for monster hunter

ANYWAY, here's the stuff that's actually in this build:

  • Progress along Cheerilee's story now saves/loads properly
  • Min/max of character attributes now behave properly. No stat can go below 0, nor can they go above 10.

IMPORTANT: Cheerilee now saves/loads! As a result, old saves WILL crash the game! A simple way to fix this is to start a new game and immediately save in a new slot. Then go into C:\Users\[Your Name]\AppData\CHSr012 and copypaste the values from your old save into the new save, this will keep all your progress intact.

I tried to work out a bug reported in the /trash/ thread, but couldn't find the solution, yet. Will keep digging.

The fact that this update is so sparse is what makes the 'selfish' part of this update so uncomfortable for me. (tl;dr at the bottom)

So I've been working on this project for over half a year now, and have amassed something of a following,  a following MOSTLY deserved to the artists and writers that truly make this project possible. I am but the cameraman and producer the vision that they make possible. Additionally, these updates are pretty small, despite having worked for so long. It's been about 33 weeks, but the actual workload is probably a little under 40 hours total.

Despite all this, I've always wanted to start a Patreon, hoping that little by little I could get to a point where maybe I could actually make a living off of this, but I've always put it off since the work is MOSTLY everyone else, and I've always felt bad about these tiny updates, but I figured someday I'd make something that I wouldn't feel awful about.

then patreon had THAT whole kerfuffle

So I've added a 'name your price' button to the download here on If anyone wants to throw any money my way, that'd be great. If I can come up with a better way to redistribute those funds to the writers/artists, I will happily do so, please contact me so we can work something out. That being said, I honestly don't think I'll actually get anything substantial out of this, especially since I honestly think this game is downloaded by the same 50-ish people every week.

Still, if anyone wants to throw something in my tip jar, or if anyone (contributors or players) has an issue, please let me know and we could perhaps work something out. Still, as it stands, if you still want the game to be free, it will still be free. There are no plans to change that.

tl;dr, I've added a 'pay what you want' button to the download of the game. Feel free to ignore this and continue to download the game for free as you have been


Airhead Academy 0.33 62 MB
Dec 10, 2017
AA 0.33 Source Code 52 MB
Dec 10, 2017

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“Let’s write a bu-“

*Gets bronchitis and two colds.*


*Writes personal projects.*


*Is also a slut for monster hunter.*

In other words we’re all lazy. I’ve had a lot of good ideas due to 4chan threads and Annon, so I’m a lot more confident in the Bimbo Cheerilee route being both sexy and fun to read.


It's all cool. Am all for making more, and pretty sure can get a lot more players to play this. Haven't posted this on tumblr yet to avoid unnecessary hype. Will say it's best to just have Twilight's route done, and then there can be talk about how to proceed or whatever comes to mind. 

If you want a patreon based project or whatever comes to mind am all for it and willing to help contribute and have your back. But for now just wanna have a presentable finished route to show and for anyone to enjoy.