Bugfixes and Debug Update

  • Still don't have a functional in-game Load function. Instead, pressing Escape at any point restarts the game, taking you back to the Load menu on the Title Screen. Frankly I'm upset with myself for not having added this earlier.
  • Fixed Flying Heart in Classroom bug (The Heart is supposed to be what you click to start Cheerilee's S-Link. It's supposed to think it's Y position is Y=200. Somehow a Minus got put in there, making it Y-=200, making it constantly move up. I'm an idiot.)
  • Twilight bimbofies at a more standard rate. She was gaining 2 bimbo levels instead of 1 with each bimbofying, with or without any Broken Hearts. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE TWI'S BAD END YOU WILL HAVE BROKEN HEARTS WHICH WILL STILL GIVE YOU 2 BIMBO LEVELS. MODIFY YOUR SAVE (change the bhearts variable to equal 0) IF THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT. Also since we only have two bimbofication scenes Scene 1 still plays on all future bimboings. I will probably add a Scene Viewer later that will let you rewatch these scenes at your leisure. They're where most of our art and writing went afterall, really should show it off.
  • You can now have non-story conversations with Bimbo Twilight. Sorry I screwed this up, it should have been in the last update. Additionally, when you make Twi cross the threshold to true bimbo form, it resets the conversations you've had with her. This is a feature I've always intended. Your progress with her stays intact however, this means that if you've already got Twi leveled up to convo level 9 when you bimbofy her, you'll only have to progress through those conversations again to get the story, instead of having to refill her S-Link and sit through some boring 'Just spend time at the library' together grinding.
  • Fixed bug after Twi Convo 3 where it puts you back in class even if school should be closed.
  • Fixed bug where high-res art was being compressed to shit.


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Dec 02, 2017
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Dec 02, 2017

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