The Actual Functional Bimbo Twi Update

Art and writing in today's update come courtesy of Annon and C-Snacks


  • I've run through Twilight's entire route again, can't find what bug people are bumping into where Twi leaves a letter at the Library and then you can't go to her house. You know it's only accessible in the Evenings right? If anyone is still having this trouble, please copy/paste your save file into a Pastebin and link it to me. You can find your save in C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME HERE]\AppData\Local\CHSr012
  • Changed it so a character's stats can never go above 10 or below 0.
  • Bimbofication now adjusts the character's other stats properly, in every way applicable. For instance, when casting Bimbofy on Twilight this happens:
    • Bimbo level + 1*(how many broken hearts you have+1)
    • Charm + 1*(how many broken hearts you have+1)
    • Intelligence - 1*(how many broken hearts you have+1)
    • Guts + 1*(how many broken hearts you have+1)
      • These numbers will likely be adjusted as the game is worked on, but the system is in place, so hey that's something.
  • Cheerilee now appears in the Velvet Room spell menus. This is a placeholder for future content, please do not click it.
  • Twilight Bimbo S-Link 1 & 2 now work! You'll have to bimbofy her up to level 5 at least, which is also now possible even if we don't have scenes for it yet. Still, this stuff in there! Please enjoy.

New art assets we could use:

  • Bimbo Twilight Excited (Something for the first part of 'The vacuous expression, with her mouth hanging just low enough that her lips are parted into a small, tight 'o'-shape, quickly turns into a smile. "[Player]!" The teen's eyes widen as she brings two fingers to her lips and giggles. She smiles and then tries again, in a much more forced whisper." before she composes herself)
  • Bimbo Twilight Awkward/Nervous (It isn't until Twilight clears her throat that you realize you've been caught staring. Pulling your eyes away from her partially exposed lacy bra, you apologize. "D-don't worry about it, [Player]! I mean, you're not the only guy who's been staring at me lately."

Future update plans:

  • Whenever Cheerilee leaves the screen the pink hearts hearts fly up from the bottom of the screen. - I saw this for the first time today, it happens like a second after the normal school events end. No clue what it is, will investigate...
  • There's some ugly compression on the Bimbo Twi art, I'll be doing some backend stuff on GMS to fix this.
  • I need to add Annon's Art for Twi in her dress for S-Link 10
  • Cheerilee Bimbo/Story content
  • Twi Bimbo S-Link 3


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