Cheerilee Update

Sorry for being a day late on this one. Cheerilee's story has some interesting differences from Twilight that were quite interesting to work in. Her options are less about developing the relationship, and more about increasing different stats. Not sure if this should be a Cheeri only thing (almost like she's a confidant) or something that we should just work in more in the future, and perhaps even go back and add to Twi's stuff now that we've got the backend for it.

Still, Cheerilee will now spawn M-F afterschool in the classroom. She is still not in the Bimbofication or Cell phone menus yet, but she will be in the future.

New Art Assets we could use:

  • Cheerilee - stressed
  • Cheerilee - surprised


Airhead Academy 0.30 60 MB
Nov 19, 2017
AA 0.30 Source Code 49 MB
Nov 19, 2017

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Stressed Smiling, Stressed, and surprised folders for all her normal forms are in here.

And while being here, here's Twlight's S-link 10

Bimbo Twilight Level 6