Behind the Scenes Non-Update

So this one's going to take me a little longer than usual, because I'm now working on a new NPC. I'll be adding the first non-bimbo dialogue with Cheerilee in the next build, but this means giving her a spawn location, adding her to your contacts, making sure she saves/loads properly, lots of small maintenance stuff.

In the meanwhile, I'd like to put out sort of a request, C. Snacks, or anyone else, if you'd like to continue writing Bimbo Twilight's story, I'd really appreciate in. Until I get more writing to implement, I'll be working on adding Cheeri's story to the game. I will probably promo the game again next /mlp/trash/ bimbo thread after the next update because I'm starting to run out of resources to work with.

Additionally, fFor some reason Twilight wasn't spawning on Friday. I don't mean that like, it was a bug, I mean for whatever reason I made it that way in the first place. No clue why, as of the next update, she now only doesn't spawn in the Library on Sat and Sun.

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That means I actually need to speed things up. I'm sorry, I have been screwing around instead of working on this. I do actually have a couple more of her normal links done. I was just gonna finish it off, post 1-10, then get to all the bimbo stuff. (Which is also what you told me not to do.) I'll post a couple more links in a second. Tomorrow and Monday I'll really get on it and see what I can give you.

Hey we're several months later and I'm only getting around to adding Cheeri link 1.

Like pick up the pace a LITTLE, but don't feel pressured, you've still got months of time before I need more Cheeri content