The Not Worth It Update

This one's a small one. Mostly to let you know my PC survived the upgrade, and we'll be back to regular updates.

So why so little after a two week break? Part of it is I just don't have much material I think everyone wants. We've got S-Link 1 of Cheerilee's non-bimbo route written, and some trivia, but other than that, we just... don't have a lot of bimbo dialogue for Twilight, even though we're finally on that track. I'd like for it to get written, but I'm honestly just kind of waiting on everyone else.

If I don't get it, I'll probably start implementing Cheerilee content.

BUT THAT'S JUST FAUX PROFESSIONALISM EXCUSING MY LAZINESS the real core reason is I'm playin' that new Mario which is pretty fucking great. I highly recommend it, and before you get upset with me, I will remind you I do this for free so I mean, let me live people. Sorry, I do feel guilty, but not THAT guilty.


  • Fixed the giant dialogue window thing during the bimbofication scene. It's now back to a standard dialogue box. The process of squeezing the writing down took it from 18 dialogue windows to 33, to give you an idea of why I thought we needed that extra space.

yeah that's pretty much it sorry i really do feel guilty for real


Airhead Academy 0.28 42 MB
Oct 28, 2017
AA 0.28 Source Code 34 MB
Oct 28, 2017

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Laziness, the biggest weakest for all.


Thanks for your continues effort! 

Always been having a lookout to get back to provide more material, specially the backgrounds for the classroom needs an upgrade, just been really busy drawing anything but for the game. Will like to change that soon enough.

And the transformation scene is flawless now. Glad to see you implemented to critique and execute it to a t. Well done, the whole scene just goes so smooth.