Finally, Bimbofication Update!

Sorry for missing last week, if it makes y'all feel any better nobody seems to like the game I made for the jam so hey, I wasted my time and your time on that one.

THIS WEEK HOWEVER, you may notice that the filesize of the usual download has doubled. This is because I finally put in a bimbo TF sequence! FrostyCoffee wrote it all up, I programmed some new stuff in for all their text to work, but honestly, most importantly, big props to Annon for drawing 20 CGs for the TF! They're the real MVP here, seriously, you may wanna reset your save for this one so you can see it in action, it's a real treat to watch. (Remember to click to advance on the screens with no dialogue!)


Airhead Academy 0.27 42 MB
Oct 06, 2017

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