Visible Pinkie Update [Sorry for the small update this week]

SO in the process of adding the new backgrounds (Thanks Annon!) I found a lot of other bugs related to how messages are handled. Got them sorted out hopefully before anyone else came across them.

  • Twilight's house now has an outside! Looks neat, but only appears in one conversation.
  • Pinkie art assets added!
  • Fixed numerous undocumented bugs related to Twilight conversations 8, 9, and endings, SCC date, and bimbo Twilight conversations. EITHER Y'ALL ARE SAVE EDITING OR THROUGH SOME MIRACLE THESE JUST NEVER GOT REPORTED SO whatever, glad I fixed them before they became a serious issue! This bug would effect all newer conversations because I changed some code around the start of Twi convo 8 and it fucked everything up and I just used that code over and over again from there on out. IT SHOULD ALL BE GOOD NOW THOUGH

Spent a lot of time this update bugfixing and also just sort of being SICK AS HELL due to the weather changes. All I've really got to add content wise is new art for already explored content and some transformation scenes that were written up a LONG time ago, so hey, I can afford to go a little slow. Provided we get new Bimbo Twi conversations, I'll add one of those next update, if not, probably a transformation scene and some Cheerilee trivia content I've been meaning to put in for a long time.

EDIT: I've also restricted access to the HTML build. I saw people were still trying to play the game there even though it doesn't work at all, so I've taken it down so people stop getting their hopes up only to see a completely broken and unplayable version of the game.


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Sep 22, 2017

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